My name is Robert Pruden.  In May 2018, the government appointed me as Commissioner responsible for implementing The Health Sector Bargaining Unit Review Act.  The Act was referred to as Bill 29 before it was proclaimed into law. 


My role is to lead the implementation process.   My goal is to ensure that the process is fair and that employees have the opportunity to become “informed and involved”.


The Act is intended to simplify the bargaining unit structure in the health care field.  There are currently over 190 bargaining units and the same number of collective agreements covering health care employees in Manitoba.  After the Act is implemented, there will be 36 new bargaining units. 


Representation votes will be conducted among employees in each new bargaining unit to determine which union will represent them in the future.   Electronic voting will be used to maximize the opportunity for every voter to participate. 


I have developed this website to provide employees with information regarding the  implementation process and their role in it.  Information on the website will be updated from time to time and new information will be highlighted in the What’s New section.  


If you have questions about the implementation process, please contact one or more of the unions.  You may also wish to discuss the process with your employer.  The FAQs will be updated periodically.


This is not a website of government or any health employers or unions.   It is intended to communicate information from the Commissioner to employees affected by representation votes.  The specific provisions of the Act, its Regulations and the Commissioner using the authority granted by the Act will resolve any disputes.  

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